Ursula Lustenberger

Trance Healing, Psychol. Coaching, Sensitivity, Meditation & Yoga

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Trance Healing

Spine was cured from tailbone up to the neck - H. Zumbach, Switzerland

Lumbago is gone - B. Lustenberger, Switzerland 

Was able to work again in afternoon, heat in arm disappeared after accident with electricity - Ayurveda Therapist, Kerala, India

Recovered quickly from  my flue - Anonymous, Kerala, India

Back pain is gone - Faizal, Kerala, India

Spine became aligned, could walk upright - B-Jay, Rishikesh, India


Absent Healing

Bruise of my horse decreased over night, he`s no more in pain - S. Schmid, Switzerland

I`m feeling agravic, leight and at ease... it`s indescribable - E. Hoppe, Switzerland

Relaxed - S. Kotte, Germany

Really limber today - N. Powell, UK

I`m feeling the energy pulsing above the navel and I`m feeling my knees more than normally - M. Müller, Switzerland

Relaxed, became nicely warm and grounding - G. Binder, Switzerland

In the beginning, I was very nervous. The vegetative nervous system is overstrained at the moment. Then, I`ve felt a strong pain in my stomach/abdomen. I`ve felt that it was being worked on me. - F. Schneider, Switzerland 


Psychol. Coaching

My relationship to my ex-husband changed. You`ve helped me so much to understand the situation. - A. Weiss, Brazil


Ursula Lustenberger

Medium for Trance Healing

MSc Psychology


Yoga Teacher and Therapist



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