Ursula Lustenberger

Trance Healing, Psychol. Coaching, Sensitivity, Meditation & Yoga

"What`s unconscious may be more important than the block of ice on the surface"

There are possibilities to live your life in accordance with your needs, talents and knowledge gained. Thereby, you are coming across obstacles and it`s my pleasure to help you gain clarity about and look at possible resources to use and master these obstacles in a way that fosters your well-being. 


My qualifications: Master of Science in Psychology, Specialization in Educational, Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy


Issues which I have profound psychological knowledge on are:

- Development over the lifespan: Cognition, Interests, Abilities, Behavior, Social issues... according to age 

- Close social relationships: Factors which foster close relationships and factors which predict relationship breakups, psychological differences between men and women, relationship types and different aspects of love, Homosexuality and Transsexuality

- Personality types and the big 5

- Influence of Emotions on social behavior

- Coping with stress, such as sadness and separation

- Psychopathological diseases and their therapies (I won`t diagnose you)

- How to achieve and maintain work-life-balance

- For enterpreneurs: factors of work satisfaction, relationship between work satisfaction-commitment at work, between work-life satisfaction, between salary-commitment at work and work satisfaction

- Profound knowledge in Social, Developmental, Personality, Work, Personal and Organisational, Biological, General, Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy


Professional discretion: I adhere to the ethical guidelines of scientificially accredited Psychologists. Hence, what we are talking about in the Coaching will be kept in confidence.