Ursula Lustenberger

Trance Healing, Psychol. Coaching, Sensitivity, Meditation & Yoga

Trance Healing is based on being in a state of consciousness called trance which is with delta brainwaves, similar as when you are in deep sleep. While I`m in this delta state, it becomes possible for entities from the spirit realm (in my case: passed away doctor) to work on your energy-body (the physical, mental, emotional, etheric and astral).


What is Absent Healing?

Absent Healing is Trance Healing from a distance, in this case while I am not physically present where you are. This is possible while you are at home, in another village or country (e.g. Absent Healing for a person in Australia, while I am in Switzerland).


What is it like when you are coming for Trance Healing in praxis?

You are lying on your back or sitting on a chair, while I am sitting next to you, whereby it is being worked on you and with your agreement also touching you physically on your hands, feet, head, arms, shoulders, neck and/or knees.