Ursula Lustenberger

Trance Healing, Psychol. Coaching, Sensitivity, Meditation & Yoga

I`m Ursula Lustenberger, born 1989. During my childhood in Seetal of canton Lucerne, I was often told to be daydreaming or that I were not listening to people talking to me. But in fact, I was touched by the many impressions that I had sensitive- and spiritually: Not only have I been delighted watching the colourful auras of plants, but also I had encounters, spiritually, which made me chat to what was called "imaginary friends".

During my school education, I had felt blocked on most of my channels, spiritually, with only a few exceptions that I remember because of their intensity and unexpectedness. Just the gift of healing mediumship, I had used on, not as much consciously, but physically as I`ve felt people and my environment at times that intensive that it made it difficult for me to differentiate between own and other peoples feelings. In this connection, it had taken me in the trance state, regularly, when someone, I came across or I had seen, felt not okay, and so I`ve learnt about Trance Healing by practicting it before I knew what it is like in theory.

My strong interest in psychological Well-Being guided me to study Psychology at the University of Bern, where I postgraduated in year 2017. During my studies, there came a time of feeling disconnected to my personality and life in general. And so I seeked guidance and started taking part in Yoga, Workshops, Circles and Courses related to Trance Healing, Mediumship and Sensitivity. It was during this time that I had been told about my gift of Trance Healing by different professionals in this field and this enhanced my actions towards working professionally with the Trance Healing. Therefore, I`ve accomplished education in Trance Healing (privately as well as at institutions such as the Arthur Findlay College in England), Experimental Trance, Circles, Courses, Workshops and Events on Sensitivity and Trance, a Reiki Level 1 & 2, 2 Yoga Teacher Trainings and one Yoga Therapy Trainings, and a three months stay at the world`s famous Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola in Brazil.